Who is Jamee?

Jamee Sicat
Workaholic / Sun Worshipper

Jamee has over 15 years of experience in graphic design. She also dabbles a little in illustration and photography. As an award-winning designer and creative director, Jamee has developed logotypes and company identities, designed and redesigned marketing collateral, and shepherded projects large and small through concept development, design, and production. She is a team player and a hands-on designer who enjoys the challenge of creating projects that suit her clients’ needs.

As a child, Jamee was fascinated by the world of art and photography. She loved to “doodle” and take photographs of everyday objects. She appreciated the beauty in simple things. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Sacramento, where she learned to combine art, illustration, and photography while making it look simple. She also holds a teaching credential from California State University, Hayward.

When Jamee is not working, she loves to spend quality time with her family at their school events or sports, exploring museums and aquariums, eating good food, visiting with friends or enjoying time with her parents and extended family. She enjoys taking an abundant amount of photos, and if possible, she could lie on the beach all day and dream of living near the ocean. She is also a workout fanatic, digital scrapbooker, a published blog author, a reality show junkie, and an avid social media expert.

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